About Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness

Mission Statement

Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness is a service office for the University community; primarily the executive leadership team. It is our mission to support strategic planning activities and continuous quality improvement at the institution. We accomplish our mission by:

  • Collecting, maintaining, and preserving institutional data;
  • Providing data analysis to inform executive decision-making and strategic planning initiatives;
  • Serving as the official reporting office for the institution;
  • Ensuring validity and reliability of the data and research methodologies utilized;
  • Responding to federal and state mandated reporting requirements as well as requests from other external agencies as appropriate;
  • Engaging in systematic, continuous, and integrated research activities related to student/applicant, finance, and human resources data;
  • Facilitating program review and institutional assessment activities;
  • Supporting regional and professional accreditation activities;
  • Providing expertise in research methods and other higher education issues.


In 2004, the Office of Budgets and Institutional Analysis (OBIA) became two separate departments:

In 2015, Institutional Research was renamed Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness.